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Did you know that you can get subsidies to save energy? You can. With the Danish Energy Agency’s business pool, companies have the opportunity to apply for energy subsidies for investment in green projects.

With the Danish Energy Agency’s business pool your company can apply for energy subsidies for investments in energy optimization. The purpose of the pool is to strengthen the company’s competitiveness and at the same time contribute to reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions. It must be worth investing in a greener future.   

At Nordic Green Solutions we have more than 15 years of experience applying for subsidies for green projects. Shall we also help you so that you do not have to familiarize yourself with regulations and documentation requirements, and instead can concentrate on getting your green agenda boosted?

Can I apply for government grants?

The Danish Energy Agency’s business pool is directed at private production-, trade- and service companies and your company can apply for various subsidies for energy-saving measures. This applies to e.g., replacement of heat pump, replacement of light to LED, establishment of heat recovery or energy optimization of process plants.

It can be difficult to get an overview of all the opportunities. We know all about that. We are happy to advise you about your options, so you get the right solution.


How much can you receive in subsidies

You can get up to 50% of the investment covered for energy-saving measures. The size of the grant depends on:

  • Saved kWh: You can get a maximum of 7 øre in subsidy per saved kWh per year over the lifetime of the energy-saving measure. This basically means that projects with a lifespan of 8-10 years can obtain subsidies of 48-58 øre/kWh.
  • The size of the investment: The grant may only cover a percentage (30-50%) of the costs for energy optimization (incl. fee for the energy consultant).
  • Size of the company: The maximum percentage of support depends on the size of the company.

A project can receive a maximum grant of DKK 15 million. Euro.

When can you apply

The last round of applications in the current Danish Energy Agency’s business pool has taken place this year. However, the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply has announced that planned adjustments in the business pool will be brought forward from the start of 2023 to 1. November 2022. This means that new rules for the pool and its funds will soon come into force. More info on this will follow when we are more informed about the changes.

Ready to make you green agenda blossom?

The application process can be demanding, so it is good to have an energy consultant on hand to locate the right energy optimization projects, prepare documentation for the application and implement the projects.

At Nordic Green Solutions, we are ready to help you gain insight into whether your specific initiative is covered by the scheme. As an energy consultant, we help to increase the quality of the project, understood in the sense that, as an impartial adviser, we can both help qualify the offers and advise on which solutions are best, as well as why you should choose one over the other. We make the calculations and support the customer and supplier throughout.


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Kristian Bloch-Hansen
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