Climate account

Do you know how much CO2 derives from your company? Most people do not. With a climate account, you will know how much CO2 your company emits, and you can use the report as a baseline for future green investments. The future starts here.

Do not interpret your carbon footprint report as a reprimand. See it as a platform for running a solid and green business. It may cost you if you do not. Nordic Green Solutions is here to help you go from green to greener.

As a company, it makes sense to document your green activities. Once you gain knowledge of your company’s carbon footprint, you will gain the opportunity to improve your competitiveness and ensure your place in future markets. 

Why a climate account is essential

Increasing demand from climate-conscious customers

We need to meet today’s ever-demanding standards when it comes to sustainability. 

Better access to financing through climate data

You need to start thinking about the environment. Future investments will be affected by it. 

A more solid brand through a greener profile

Customers and employees have realized that we need to act now to improve our environment, climate, and competitiveness.

Get ahead of climate legislations

Companies must be able to document their social responsibilities, including CO2 deduction. 

Sådan ser processen ud

Scoping workshop

In collaboration with the customer, we set the initial foundation for the project. 

As a customer, you need to allocate two people for 1-2 hours to participate in the workshop.

Data collection

Based on the workshop and the project, we collect all necessary information.

As a customer, you need to allocate two people for 4-8 hours for the data collection process.


Data quality assurance

We ensure the quality of the collected data. You might need to provide further details.

As a customer, you need to allocate two people for 1-2 hours for further questions.

Climate account

Now, everything is ready to be analyzed. Nordic Green Solutions prepares the climate account.

Climate account presentation

Nordic Green Solutions presents the report.

As a customer, you need to allocate one person to participate in the presentation meeting.

Book a meeting

We are ready to arrange a non-binding meeting with you, where you can hear more about our technical and green approach.

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A report you will love

Do you believe that green initiatives are expensive? Maybe. But they do not have to be. In fact, it can be costly not to act—especially in the long run.

Using your climate account as a baseline, you know your exact emission level and current situation. It is an excellent way to document your green initiatives—while establishing your company’s baseline.

The important next steps

Now, you know your company’s energy consumption levels. And now, it is time for you to take the next step. We make sure you know how to proceed and which projects to start with—backed up by realistic timelines and goals.