Grant applications

Did you know you can apply for government grants to realize your green initiatives? Often, you can. But applying for these grants are not straightforward—maybe you should ask us for guidance?

It might not sound very easy to run an eco-friendly business. Maybe even expensive. But it does not have to be like that. Start small, and see how minor improvements can make a big difference.

Can I apply for government grants?

Sure. Most companies can. If you are looking to improve your current eco-friendly profile, you can (most likely) apply for funding. If you are located outside Denmark, we can help you find pools to apply for.


Apply for government (green) grants

It varies when and how to apply for government grants. It all comes down to your country of residence. The application process is typically not straightforward—it might be a good idea to bring an advisor on board to help you out. You could bring us on to identify green initiatives and to do the paperwork.

Ready to make your green agenda blossom?

As technical advisors, we provide you with the right guidance that solves the right tasks at the right price. We have vast experience within various industries; we probably also know yours.

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Kristian Bloch-Hansen
Sustainability advisor, energy engineer