Energy strategy

We are all better off working together so that none of us works alone. We have created NGS to help you locate green initiatives that evolve your company from green to greener—because green initiatives and energy savings do not have to be that complicated, incomprehensible, or expensive.

An energy strategy is an integrated part of our ongoing partnership agreements and is designed to offer you a systematic and strategic approach to optimizing your company’s energy consumption. Often over a span of several years. This is an approach that lets your company gain as much as possible from your green investments. But what does a typical partnership look like? 

Collaborating with us typically includes:

  • An energy mapping of your company with a thorough walkthrough of structures, processes, facilities, and equipment
  • Technical energy analysis that serves as a baseline for qualifying energy savings 
  • An energy plan with specific suggestions for energy optimization where actions are assessed and prioritized in close collaboration with you
  • Project reports that clarify energy-saving initiatives, the investment, reimbursement deadlines and potential subsidies
  • Guidance on completing energy-saving projects
  • Documentation and quality assurance of completed energy savings

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Rasmus Haahr
Director Special Projects

Rasmus Haahr

The advantage of a partnership

There are several advantages to a partnership, yet the biggest is: you will get the full package at a much lower cost. We know where we stand, and you know exactly what you will get. The full package includes various elements based on what your company needs. The package often includes:

  1. Energy mapping
  2. Carbon footprint report
  3. CSR
  4. Suggestion catalogue 
  5. Project design
  6. Engineering 
  7. Business case

Technical advisors at your service

There are many advantages to a partnership where we work together on lowering your energy costs while we are doing something great and valuable for your business and for the environment. A partnership is about creating something together; in this case, it is about lowering your company’s CO2 emission and to create a solid platform for future green initiatives.

That said, you need more than good advice; you need a trusted technical advisor who knows every little detail and nuance, thinks of everything from engineering to operations and knows that behavioral changes make a difference. The total solution may seem complex, but our job is to make it simple: we will help you and your company identify, prioritize, and implement energy-saving projects.

Before any project is completed, we will start preparing for the next. It is better to stay ahead than fall behind when it comes to green initiatives.