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Life Cycle Assessment

Do you know how your products, services or your whole company affects the environment?

The first step to a greener company is to get an overview of the current situation. Do you not know your company’s climate print, it is hard to know where it is best to change, this is where the life cycle assessment comes in.

Life cycle assessment, life cycle approach, LCA. The method has many names, but the sum of it is to provide you with a detailed overview of the environmental influences related to a product, service, or company. This means anything from raw materials and extraction methods for energy, water, waste, and transportation.

LCA model

Make environmentally friendly decisions based on LCA

Consumers increasingly make decisions from a sustainability perspective. Shall your product – or the product you are a subcontractor for – excel on the environment front, then there is a good reason to be able to document your climate print. And this is exactly what LCA can help you with.

At the same time, LCA provides you with a strong foundation for making decisions. LCA makes it visible where to focus your efforts if you want to take better care of the environment, reduce the use of resources, and optimize production processes through the whole value chain.

Precisely a company uses LCA for:

  • Analyze and assess the value chain for savings potential
  • Point out areas of action, where environmentally friendly initiatives provide the biggest effect
  • Compare the environmental footprint on products, solutions, and more
  • Document the climate print and use it for stakeholders
LCA step by step

Adjust the LCA after your needs

It might sound complex to analyze the environmental influences, but it does need to be. The LCA is a flexible solution that can be adjusted in both scope and complexity, so you get an LCA that fits your exact needs.

Common for all types of LCA is the life cycle mindset and the fundamental reporting principles. These are among others helping to ensure the quality and translucency of the LCA, as well as the assessment of the things that happen throughout the whole production process, and not just focusing on a single part. The life cycle mindset includes a typical product/services life cycle from delimitation principles: “cradle to cradle”, “cradle to grave” and “cradle to gate”.

For many, it can be hard to find your way around the different solutions within LCA, including certifications, schemes, standards, etc. This means that many will benefit with help from an advisor, which can help you find the most optimal solutions to highlight your company’s “green” challenge.

Ready for the next green step?

At Nordic Green Solutions, we can help you get an overview of your company’s CO2 emissions and environmental impact – whether it’s on a product, a service or your entire company’s value chain.

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Kick off meeting

Based on your company’s needs, we define goals, objectives, framework conditions and project scope.

Project agreement & schedule

Next, we clarify the final framework for the project and its course.

Data collection and processing

When we have gathered the necessary data, it is time to analyze the energy- and resource use that the company is responsible or co-responsible for.

Visualization and dissemination of results

The last step is to visualize the results of the analysis and advise the company on how the results can be disseminated so that they live up to the Marketing Act and the Consumer Ombudsman’s guidelines.

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Jens Thomsen
Consultant – Sustainability Solutions