Subsidies for energy optimization, CO2 reduction and climate reporting

Companies located in Denmark can apply for financial support to save energy and CO2. One of the most well-known support schemes is the Danish Energy Agency’s Erhvervspulje, which provides private companies with subsidies for energy and CO2 saving initiatives. If your company is a danish SME, you can also apply for grants from SMV: Grøn and CO2-puljen for e.g. competence development and consultancy within green transition and calculation of climate footprint.

At Nordic Green Solutions, we have over 17 years of experience in seeking financial support for our customers’ investment in energy and CO2 savings. We have an overview of current grant pools and can help ensure the profitability of your company’s next project.


With Erhvervspuljen, private companies can apply for support to implement energy and CO2 saving measures. Depending on the size of the company, the grant covers up to 50% of the investment in e.g. heat pumps, LED lighting, heat recovery or energy optimization of process plants. The possibilities for subsidies are many and Erhvervspuljen can be applied for on an ongoing basis.


SMV:Grøn is an EU-funded grant pool which provides subsidies for consulting and investments in green transition and circular economy. The funds are targeted at SMEs and you can apply for financial support for e.g. climate accounting or life cycle assessments

The pool is open until 14 August 2024.


CO2-puljen is targeted at SMEs who want to work on documenting or verifying their climate footprint. With the pool, you can e.g. seek support to get advice on collecting data for climate accounting, calculating the climate footprint of your company or products, and competence development.

The pool closed for applications on 3 June 2024. A new round of applications is awaited.

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At Nordic Green Solutions, we have over 17 years of experience in applying for subsidies for energy and CO2 saving initiatives in businesses.

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