ESG-reporting for biomega®

biomega® was founded in 2000 and specializes in biotechnology. Through many years of experience, the company has developed and patented a unique and continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process. By recycling raw materials from the salmon fillet industry, they create products of outstanding quality for the food and health industries as well as for animal feed.

biomega® aims to achieve a healthier and more sustainable world. Their vision is to have a positive impact on the world by promoting vitality and quality of life through their products. With this purpose in mind, they strive to make the aquaculture industry more sustainable through a circular approach, where all resources are utilized to the fullest extent possible.

To support biomega®’s sustainable journey, they have chosen to have an ESG report prepared. In this report, they have developed their initial ESG strategy for 2026 and established a foundation for future governance processes to ensure that ESG is implemented across the entire organization.


The Project

ESG reporting has been a long-awaited initiative at biomega®. Unfortunately, they encountered challenges along the way, which delayed the process.
Therefore, Biomega® decided that to ensure successful reporting, they needed to seek help from an external partner. They needed assistance in building a structure and gaining an overview of where to start and how to proceed with the process. Therefore, they chose Nordic Green Solutions to assist them in achieving their goals.

Why did biomega® choose NGS?

“We chose you because you offer a ‘full-line solution’. We start with an ESG report. Then we can begin to delve into the details and support the ESG report with specific initiatives in energy optimization. This means that when we need to document things later on, you will also be able to help with creating the documentation.”

Stig Petersen, CEO hos biomega®

The process

With Nordic Green Solutions as a partner, biomega® could focus on the content of the report, while the expertise and guidance from Nordic Green Solutions ensured that the process was handled efficiently. Together, we defined clear goals, identified relevant ESG indicators, and collected the necessary data for the report.

“We have been very impressed with the process. We have simply been able to lean back and focus on the content itself, while the entire project has just progressed smoothly.”

Stig Petersen, CEO at biomega®

“The strategic collaboration meant that biomega® received the necessary expertise and support to carry out ESG reporting in a structured and comprehensive manner. It helped ensure that the report meets high standards and provides in-depth insight into their sustainability efforts.”

The collaboration

“One of the important things for us was to find someone to collaborate with where the chemistry felt right.”

“At the first meeting, the process was described in a down-to-earth manner. We could see a clear path ahead of us, which we could relate to without it becoming too complicated.”

“As a company with limited knowledge about ESG but with many ambitions, it has been fantastic to collaborate with competent people who could guide us – even with enthusiasm and a smile.”

Stig Petersen, CEO at biomega®

The result

“It has truly been a ‘hooray’ experience for us to create an ESG report. We are very proud of the result. We have produced a great report that we proudly showcase on our website, to our partners, customers, etc. And we have received excellent feedback on it!”

This case shows me that we don’t have to believe that we can handle everything ourselves. We are not experts in this field, so when we don’t have the expertise ourselves, we should use an external partner. In the end, it’s also cheaper. We could have spent a year creating an ESG report that wouldn’t be half as good. The entire ESG project took a total of 8 weeks. It has been so quick and easy.

All in all, it has just been a good experience.”

Stig Petersen, CEO at biomega®

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