Energy audit

With the mandatory energy audit, you are doing something good for your business by uncovering your energy consumption and getting an overview of where you can save resources. It’s not only good for your business. It’s good for all of us.

Larger companies must undergo a mandatory energy audit every 4 years according to the EU’s energy efficiency directive. This applies to approximately 1200 Danish companies – perhaps yours as well. You can read the content of the EU regulation here: Regulation on mandatory energy inspections in large companies.

If your company has 250 employees in full-time positions globally and an annual turnover of more than 50 million euros and/or an annual balance sheet total of over 43 million euros, your company must undergo an energy audit – unless you have already implemented a certified energy management system or have low energy consumption. If you are not among the approximately 1,200 companies, it does not mean that you should refrain from conducting an energy audit. On the contrary. Then an energy mapping is a good place to start.

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Finn Nors Jensen
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What does an energy audit entail?

An energy audit can be described as a systematic approach used to obtain comprehensive knowledge about a company’s existing energy consumption within buildings, transportation, and processes. In the energy audit, one quantifies and identifies cost-effective energy-saving opportunities available to the respective company.

For some companies, the energy audit is seen as an unavoidable condition, which is unfortunate because the energy audit can positively contribute to the company’s operations. Through an energy audit, you not only gain an overview of the company’s energy consumption but also receive recommendations on how the company can optimize its processes. You gain insights and tools you can use to save energy both now and in the future.

Energy audit of your company

If we conduct an energy audit for your company, you will be visited by one of our certified energy audit consultants. The consultant will go through your company’s buildings, facilities, equipment, and transportation, mapping out energy consumption and conditions that could lead to energy efficiency improvements in your company.

When we audit your company’s energy, we do the following:

  • Collect relevant data
  • Review your buildings, facilities, and equipment
  • Analyze data and prepare the energy audit report, where we identify areas with potential for improvement
  • During the review of the report, we present you with specific energy-saving suggestions and advise on reporting.

You can read more about how to correctly report your energy audit here.

What does an energy audit cost?

Sustainability should be visible on the bottom line. It’s a long-term investment in both your business and the environment, and an energy audit can be an important platform for identifying and optimizing energy consumption and opportunities.

The price depends mainly on the type of business you have, the number of your locations and consumption areas, and the time we spend collecting data about your business. Therefore, the price for an energy audit will always be individual.

Of course, you should get the most out of your money and the energy audit with the implementation of the most profitable energy-saving measures for your specific business. Therefore, we offer you a discount on the energy audit if your company enters into a multi-year agreement for the realization and maintenance of energy savings with us as your energy partner. It’s your path to a green and value-creating business – both today, tomorrow, and in 10 years. We call it an extended energy audit.

With an energy audit from NGS, Hotel Viking has identified measures that can result in an energy savings of 107,000 kWh per year.