Energy mapping

Do you want an overview of your company’s energy conditions, and how you can save energy? Then an energy mapping is a right place to start.

With an energy mapping, you will have your company’s energy consumption analyzed, by a technical energy specialist.

The energy specialist reviews your energy-consuming processes and equipment, so you will get a complete overview of the company’s energy conditions. Thus, you will know exactly where the energy is used. And almost important of all: you will get the necessary data to make decisions on where the energy consumption should be optimized.  


Optimize on the background of facts

To get a correct picture of your company’s energy conditions we will make a sketch of a process diagram with associated measurements. If you do not have measuring equipment attached, we have the necessary equipment – and we know all methodologies to get the fairest image.  

When we map your energy consumption and -relationship in your company, normally we analyze:

  • Energy-intensive production equipment
  • Lightning, ventilation, compressed air system, process heating, and cooling
  • Water consumption and discharge
  • Heating system and climate screen

Report with green opportunities

The result of the energy analysis is a report with a precise overview of your company’s energy conditions, and a series of suggestions for initiatives, which can reduce energy consumption and the CO2-emissions.     

For every green initiative in the report, we provide an estimate on:  

  • Energy savings
  • CO2-reduction
  • Investment needs
  • Repayment period 
  • Assessment of possible grants

Thereby, you get a solid decision-making basis to set the direction for your company’s sustainable development in the energy field.

A green partnership that helps you reach your goal

In Nordic Green Solutions we are with you throughout the process, as an impartial advisor, if you want to realize some of the proposed projects.

This means that we help you gather and compare offers from relevant suppliers, so you will get the most optimal technical solution. Furthermore, we assist with advice throughout the process and apply for current grants that can support the financing of your green project.

How much we will be involved is completely up to you. We offer different collaboration solutions that can be adapted to your needs.

What you can use the energy mapping for

  • Get an overview of your energy consumption
  • Visualize optimizations possibilities and possible issue areas
  • Reduce energy expenses via energy optimization and -restructure
  • Get knowledge and data insight to develop a strategy and action plan

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Rasmus Haahr
Director Special Projects

Rasmus Haahr