Go green or go home

At Nordic Green Solutions, we help companies save energy and utilize it the best way possible. We create green companies with a green mindset. Today, tomorrow, together.

Most companies want to become greener and more sustainable. Yet, sometimes it is difficult not to see the forest for bare trees if you are at a production facility or a drilling platform in the North Sea. Too many companies end up making wrong decisions or not doing anything at all simply because they do not know where to start—and where to finish.

Today, it is no longer a question about transitioning from non-green to green initiatives. We cannot think of green transitioning like that any longer. We need to think of sustainability as a mindset—a way of doing things. 

Go greener



Knowing how much (or how little) energy your company uses makes it easier to understand where you stand, where you should start, and where to finish.


Goal setting

How green can we be? A lot of companies ask that question. We make sure you get the answer—and we make sure you set up realistic goals.




Nobody can do it alone. Neither can we. We make sure to find all the right people for the right tasks, ensuring you have the ideal point of departure.



A sustainable and climate-conscious business might sound expensive—but it does not have to be. On the contrary. Did you know that you can receive government grants, helping you embark on a greener future?



Most companies do well at telling the world about their green initiatives. But quite a few companies stay completely quiet about it—even when they achieve superb results for themselves, people, and the planet. It should not be like that.

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