Energioptimering af din virksomhed

Energy mapping

Larger companies are obligated by law to be energy-audited, while this does not apply to small and medium-sized companies. Either way, you can benefit from knowing where to act and become greener—even if your company is not included in the C25 Index.

With energy mapping of your company, you will identify where you can save money and where you can make money. You will get a complete overview as a foundation for further work. This examination gives you the required data for making valuable and necessary decisions. Often, this ends with a well-documented business case. But you can call it what you want—as long as you realize that it is all about your company’s future.

An energy audit is obligatory, while energy mapping is a choice. Energy mapping is not just about documenting energy consumption. Instead, it is about identifying where your company can reduce costs, which is why you need to map your energy consumption. And that is why you should let us guide you.

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Rasmus Haahr
Project director

Rasmus Haahr

Energy mapping of your business

Energy mapping may seem like an incomprehensible task. But do not worry about complexities. We will help you simplify all the complicated tasks.

We will go through your company’s structures, facilities, equipment, transportation, and anything else that may be relevant. We will map your energy consumption and point of possible ways for you to improve and become a more energy-efficient company. It sounds pretty simple—often it is. The hardest part is getting started.

A solid baseline

Energy mapping is about creating a solid baseline that shows precisely where the energy goes and its use. We examine everything from buildings to how you transport your goods.

A good baseline includes a process diagram with corresponding measurements. If you have no equipment to conduct all the measurements—do not worry. We will provide the necessary equipment. We know the ins and outs of most industries.