Read how we have helped companies go from green to greener.



Through a strong and strategic partnership, biomega has succeeded in completing their ESG reporting in an impressively short time frame of just 8 weeks.

Ardagh Glass Holmegaard

By joining the EFO scheme, Ardagh Glass Holmegaard saves over 800,000 DKK on surplus heat taxes.


An old lighting system posed challenges for Haarslev regarding occupational health and safety requirements and high energy consumption. By replacing it with LED lighting equipped with sensors, Haarslev has achieved several environmental and economic benefits.

MARKhaven økologisk gartneri


Ved at konvertere fra naturgas til varmepumpe, har MARKhaven opnået en grønnere drift. De har desuden opnået tilskud fra Erhvervspuljen, som dækkede hele 38% af deres samlede investering.

LH Hockerup A/S

Et klimaregnskab har givet LH Hockerup konkrete værktøjer, som gavner klimaaftrykket og også giver en økonomisk gevinst på længere sigt.

Troldtekt, NGS, Rokkedahl


Vi har hjulpet Troldtekt med en energibesparelse på helt op til 30% på tørrelinjen.

Hydrema Produktion

Two new gas boilers have given Hydrema Produktion A / S greater operational reliability and at the same time reduced energy consumption.

Aabenraa Frysehus

Refrigeration and freezing processes are energy-intensive, but at Aabenraa Frysehus, an old condenser without an automatic venting system resulted in an unnecessarily high electricity consumption for the compressors.

Feldborg Savværk & Pallefabrik

Feldborg Savværk and Pallefabrik has a large consumption of heat, which mainly goes to drying wood in the drying rooms. As part of saving energy, the drying rooms have been implemented with a stop & go function.

Hotel Viking – Aqua Spa & Wellness

Hotel Viking has Denmark’s second largest spa and wellness area of 2,700 m2, and with rising energy prices and a greater focus on creating sustainable companies, Hotel Viking has not hesitated to be part of this development.


A review of Indulak’s energy consumption shows that 65 percent. of their CO2 emissions take place in connection with production, ie. washing, drying, varnishing and curing of the items.

HAI Horsens

In collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions, the company HAI Horsens A/S has completed many energy saving projects, including energy optimization of glassblowing equipment and ventilation systems.

Ib Andresen Industry

Following an energy audit, the steel company Ib Andresen Industri is now launching a project with conversion from gas to heat pumps that can utilize green electricity – with help from Nordic Green Solutions

Dansk Træemballage

With energy management and targeted energy optimization, Dansk Træemballage strengthens their green profile.


KSN Industri

Nordic Green Solutions conducted a targeted screening, which created an overview of the savings and grant opportunities



Optimized production with new dehumidification system.

ABC Lavpris

By utilizing the refrigeration system’s surplus heat, ABC Lavpris has displaced the entire purchase of district heating for the store. At the same time, they can sell the remaining surplus heat to district heating.



A new dehumidification process at Carletti has yielded several benefits: Shorter production time, increased productivity, and large energy savings, so the payback time on investments is only two years.


Nordmark’s energy saving project involved new process ventilation, air blankets at gates, new energy-optimized heating, new lighting installation (LED) and a new compressed air compressor.


New extraction system with heat recovery provides great benefits.

Nordisk Perlite

Surplus heat is used as district heating.

Titan Wind

Replacing gas boilers can pay off quickly


Bilforhandler Per B

Energy-optimized extraction from tectyl systems.

Chicken producer Jesper Clausen

Establishment of heat recovery on ventilation air in two chicken coops

Farmer Ole Nannerup

Cheaper fuel and increased animal welfare.

Farmer Søren Øllgaard Holm

Heat production with own fuel.

Farmer Mads Niær Kristensen

Less energy consumption and better indoor climate in pig stables.

Farmer Jens Bach Olesen

Easier everyday life with a new heat pump.

Farmer Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke

Geothermal heat and heat pump free up working time.


Establishment of intelligent cover in weaning stables.

Green ship of the future

Extensive retrofit project focuses on energy efficiency of ships using existing technology.

Gartneriet Lammehave

Conversion from oil and coal to heat pumps and gas boiler.

Frederiksberg Forsyning

Frederiksberg Forsyning A / S must deliver 25 GWh of documented energy savings every year. An agreement with Nordic Green Solutions ensures a very large part of the savings.

Ribe Fjernvarme

Ribe Fjernvarme must realize 2,600 MWh savings annually, and this is done through an agreement with Nordic Green Solutions and the online system Energy Economy, which eases the administrative burden considerably.

Vorbasse Fritidscenter

The energy savings in Vorbasse Fritidscenter include conversion to heat pumps and heat recovery from the leisure centre’s swimming pool

Espergærde gymnasium

Espergærde Gymnasium has achieved a CO2 reduction and a large financial subsidy by switching from gas boilers to heat pumps – with help from Nordic Green Solutions.