Gartneriet Lammehave


Conversion from oil and coal to heat pumps and gas boiler

Gartneriet Lammehave has changed from oil and coal heating to heat pumps and gas boilers. It has triggered a grant of three quarters of the investment and a payback period of two to three years as well as 500 saved annual working hours.

Gartneriet Lammehave are specialists in carnivorous plants, but the horticulture has also proven to be able to take a good bite out of its energy consumption.

This has happened thanks to a replacement of old oil and coal-fired boilers, which have now been replaced by a hybrid solution of electric heat pumps and a gas boiler. The conversion has taken place with the help of Nordic Green Solutions, which has calculated the energy economy in the investment and helped Lammehave to obtain a grant corresponding to three quarters of the investment.

»So far, we can see a reduced energy consumption of at least 30 percent, and maybe it can get even bigger. Financially, I expect an annual saving on operation and maintenance of 100,000 kroner and in addition a saving on the fuels themselves of 50,000 – 100,000 kroner.« says owner Niels Jørgen Petersen.
In addition to the greatly reduced energy costs and the shift to a greener energy supply, there is another major gain, namely saved working time, which used to go to coal and oil firing. The new systems are fully automatic and take care of themselves on a daily basis. »We save at least one hour of work a day, which we used to spend on oil and coal burning. It is about 500 hours a year that we can now spend on other tasks. It is a great release of resources,« says Niels Jørgen Petersen.

Energy optimization contributes to both a better operating economy and a greener environment. In the case of Gartneriet Lammehave, the change from oil and coal has resulted in an estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 300 tonnes.