Energy optimisation

It is expensive to use unnecessary energy – both for the environment, as well as for your company’s economy. Receive help to optimize your energy consumption so you can save on energy expenses and achieve a greener operation.  

Energy optimization is not just about implementing individual energy-saving measures – as for example changing your light sources to LED. It is about looking at your company’s processes and equipment as a whole, so you implement energy-optimizing solutions that work together. In that way, you take advantage of the synergies and ensure that your company’s collected energy- and resource expenditures are as optimal as possible. This benefits us all. For the greenest energy is the one, we do not use.

Comprehensive Energy Consulting

Maybe you have completed multiple energy optimizations in your company. Perhaps you still have left to benefit from reaping the low-hanging fruit. Regardless of your company’s current situation, there are many advantages to getting an unbiased assessment of your company’s optimization potential.

The technologies are constantly evolving, and as advisors, we have the competencies to ensure that you implement the market’s most optimal energy-saving solutions. We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your company’s processes and facilities, so that we have a broad perspective on your optimization options and can find savings that might otherwise be difficult to discover.

Whether you want to start by completing one or more of the energy-saving projects that we locate, is up to you. Regardless we make sure that you have a solid decision basis to make the decisions from.

How we help you achieve a greener and lower energy consumption

Map the consumption

It all starts with getting an overview of the current energy consumption to for example ventilation, cooling and freezing systems, drying systems, lighting, pumps, process heating, compressed air, and space heating.

Identify initiatives

On the background of the mapping, we will locate how your company can optimize its consumption. We have familiarized ourselves with your company’s processes and facilities, so we can recommend the most optimal technical solutions to you.

Launch project(s)

When you have prioritized the projects and are ready to realize them, it is important to not only focus on changing the technical installations. It is also about including the employees and their behavior, which to a great extent can contribute to reducing energy consumption and -resources even more.

This is why we also offer help with energy management

Implement Energy management
Measure and evaluate

Data are important for green measures. With data, you can evaluate and document your company’s efforts, and by using energy control you can easily withdraw the key numbers on the effects of your efforts.


It is also important to be open about the company’s green work, and the effects of your company’s effort for energy savings. It is measurable and concrete action that supports a serious and environmentally business profile that is suited for the future’s increasing focus on climate responsibility.

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Kristian Bloch-Hansen
Area Sales Manager

Industry specific consulting

Your company probably uses energy in processes and facilities, which are typical for your industry.

At Nordic Green Solutions we have more than 15 years of experience with energy consulting in a number of industries. We have specialized in consulting production- and manufacturing companies on optimizing energy and resource consumption. See some of the many projects we have completed here

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