Ib Andresen Industry


Energy audit,
savings and green electricity

Following an energy audit, the steel company Ib Andresen Industri is now launching a project with conversion from gas to heat pumps that can utilize green electricity – with help from Nordic Green Solutions


Ib Andresen Industri is one of Denmark’s leading steel processing companies with an annual energy consumption of 14,300 MWh, which processes up to 500,000 tonnes of steel.

The company is covered by the requirement for energy audits every 4 years, and most recently this energy audit was performed by Nordic Green Solutions.

»We chose Nordic Green Solutions in competition with several other providers because we saw their offer as thorough and at a competitive price. The personal chemistry was also good, and that is important in a collaborative process, «says Martin Helle, Project & Facility Manager at Ib Andresen Industri.

The energy audit confirmed many of the assessments that Ib Andresen Industri itself had about its energy consumption.

»“In addition to the energy inspection report meeting all the formal requirements, we have been strengthened in the fact that there are certain areas where we can improve when it comes to our energy consumption. We have now asked Nordic Green Solutions to help us realize one of the four proposals for savings and more green energy that they included in the report. We must have converted gas heat to electric heat pumps. This will lead to both energy savings and the opportunity to heat with green electricity, “says Martin Helle.«

For Ib Andresen Industri and the company’s customers, sustainability is an increasingly important parameter.

»All companies must be more sustainable in the future. We must, and our customers must. As subcontractors, we must help our customers become more sustainable, and we can do this with new energy-saving initiatives and by converting to green forms of energy, « says Martin Helle.

He also highlights that Nordic Green Solutions has not tried to oversell potential savings.

»The process has been sober and matter-of-fact throughout, without creating excessive expectations, which have subsequently not held water. Nordic Green Solutions has a very professional approach, which we like,,« says Martin Helle.

In addition to helping with applications for grants for new energy-saving investments, Nordic Green Solutions also offers to obtain offers from suppliers for the specific technical solutions, which customers can then choose from.

Next energy saving projects could be conversion to LED lighting and optimization of compressors for compressed air.

»We can recommend Nordic Green Solutions – when it comes to both energy audits and energy saving projects. We like their green approach, which gives us a guarantee of real savings, and we also look forward to a subsidy of up to 30 percent of our investment, which of course helps to shorten the payback time, so we come down below our limit for repayment of a maximum of five years. I can easily imagine that we will use Nordic Green Solutions for future energy projects,« says Martin Helle.