Farmer Søren Øllgaard Holm


Heat production with own fuel.

In addition to a payback period of just over a year, farmer Søren Øllgaard Holm has achieved significant operational benefits by replacing an old straw boiler with a modern and efficient combi boiler.

Farmer Søren Øllgaard Holm stood with an old straw boiler, which heated his farm and associated workshops – at a total of about 400 square meters.

When he found out that a grant could be obtained for the replacement of the old straw boiler, he contacted Nordic Green Solutions.

»We wanted help getting the investment funded so it was done the right way. That part of the task was handled by Nordic Green Solutions, with whom we have had a good collaboration,« says Søren Øllgaard Holm.

The annual energy savings with the much more efficient combi boiler are estimated at 317,000 kWh, which has formed the basis for the subsidy. In addition to the favorable economy, there is also a great improvement in comfort for Søren Øllgaard Holm, who used to have to feed the boiler every or every other day with straw bales. Now there are several weeks between filling chips in the new boiler.

Søren Øllgaard Holm expects at least 20 years of operation with the new Twinheat Combi plant, which in addition to wood chips can also handle wood pellets, grain and firewood, so he can utilize fuel from his own property if he so wishes.
»In the old lighthouse we used our own straw, but it was a big job to fire the straw in. The tile provides a great labor and time saving,« he says.

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