Chicken producer Jesper Clausen


Establishment of heat recovery on ventilation air in two chicken coops

Chicken producer Jesper Clausen entered into a safe collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions, which significantly reduced the energy consumption in his chicken stables.

Chicken producer Jesper Clausen, Nykøbing M., chose Nordic Green Solutions after comparing offers from different providers, as he felt most confident in the case at NGS.

The collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions meant that Jesper Clausen had no worries about the project, if the screening did not show a satisfactory potential for energy savings, the project would not take place. However, the potential for reducing energy consumption in chicken farms turned out to be very significant.

The starting point was a traditional chicken coop with no heat recovery.

By establishing ventilation systems with heat recovery in two chicken houses, it was possible to reduce the energy consumption for the production of chickens by approx. 70 – 80%.