Farmer Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke


Geothermal heat and heat pump free up working time.

Farmer Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke has replaced an old stoker boiler with a geothermal heating system and a heat pump. “We should have done that a long time ago,” he says.

»We are very satisfied with the new heating solution and very happy that we get rid of all the hassle and time that went with the old system,« says Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke.

In a dialogue with Nordic Green Solutions, he found that a geothermal heating system in combination with a heat pump would be a good solution, as the soil on his property is well suited for geothermal heating. The heat energy from the geothermal heating system is now utilized in a water-to-water heat pump that delivers 3.5 times more heat than the electricity the pump uses.

A total of 500 square meters of housing will be heated with the new geothermal heating system and heat pump, which delivers 3.5 times more heat than the electricity the pump uses.

Through an exchanger, the heat is allocated to radiators and the heating system in the property.

Now Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke does not have to keep a boiler running all the time: Geothermal heat and a heat pump completely take care of themselves – regardless of the heat consumption.

Today, Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke can instead sell straw, grain and wood chips to other parties if he so wishes.

»Our collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions has been impeccable. The process has been fast and efficient. The new plant has run without problems. The most important thing for us has been to free up time and get rid of all the cumbersome work with the boiler, but the economy also makes sense. We should have done it something before, but better late than never,« says Hans Nicolaj Bønløkke