Troldtekt, NGS, Rokkedahl



The energy project is done in collaboration with Rokkedahl Energy.

For many years, Troldtekt has focused on reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a greener approach to product development and production. In this context, NGS has served as advisors to Troldtekt and collaborated on various energy optimization projects.

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Troldtekt, NGS, Rokkedahl


In our dialogue with Troldtekt, the idea for this project arose due to the significant amount of excess heat emitted from their production facility. We explored the possibilities of utilizing this excess heat, which led us to contact our partner Rokkedahl Energi, who specializes in counterflow heat exchangers.

This market collaboration led to the establishment of the energy project.

The project and result

The implementation of the heat exchanger on the drying line has been a significant success for Troldtekt. This has resulted in an impressive energy saving of up to 30% on the part of the drying line to which the heat exchanger is connected.

The heat exchanger has made it possible to recycle previously wasted surplus heat, which has reduced Troldtekt’s wood chip consumption and created significant annual savings in the drying process.

From a financial perspective, the implementation of the heat exchanger has been extremely beneficial. It has led to reduced energy consumption per produced Troldtekt panel and expected savings on electricity costs by optimizing the production process and requiring less energy for motors and fans. Overall, this project has been an economic and environmental success for Troldtekt.

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Director Special Projects

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