Nordisk Perlite


Surplus heat is used as district heating.

Previously, Nordisk Perlite’s surplus heat from production was shut out to the birds. Today, a district heating line has been laid from the company to Hillerød Forsyning, which annually receives 8.3 million kWh – corresponding to approximately 485 households’ district heating consumption.

»Our collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions has included both technical advice when the heat recovery was to be established, and they have also been responsible for the entire process of selling our energy savings, so we have received a grant for our investment. They have managed this very constructively throughout,« says Niels Knudsen, CEO at Nordisk Perlite.

“It was Nordic Green Solutions that made it clear to us that there was great potential in selling the surplus heat from our production” CEO Niels Knudsen, Nordic Perlite