ABC Lavpris


Excess heat from refrigeration systems is used as district heating

Previously, the surplus heat from the refrigeration plant in ABC Lavpris’ store in Randers was shut out to the sparrows on the roof. Today, the surplus heat is used to heat the shop and the apartments in the same building. The remaining surplus heat is sold to district heating.

At the end of 2016, the grocery chain ABC Lavpris bought a small shopping center in Randers. The center was completely renovated and the cooling and heating system was simultaneously optimized.

“In connection with the renovation of the shopping center, we have installed a new, large CO2 cooling system, and this provides a lot of surplus heat. In the past, the surplus heat was shut off to the sparrows on the roof, but today we use it to heat our own shop premises and the apartments on the first floor of the shopping center. The heat that we do not use ourselves, we sell to district heating “, says Ejvind Okholm, CEO and technical manager at ABC Lavpris

“The collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions has worked really well. We got a good project out of it, and we actually got a bigger grant than what the first calculations showed. So all in all we are very satisfied.”

Ejvind Okholm

In addition to having displaced the entire purchase of district heating for the store of around DKK 200,000 annually, ABC Lavpris has also been given a better opportunity to optimize the operation of the new refrigeration system.

“We have purchased a monitoring subscription for the control of the refrigeration system. This means that we are quickly alerted if the system is not running optimally. In this way, we can constantly keep an eye on that e.g. is not CO2 emissions at the plant. In addition, the operator can also look at the monitoring system, what a possible error is about so it is not necessary to send one out and look at the plant. It ensures regular operation without the major disruptions “, says Ejvind Okholm.

ABC Lavpris is going to renovate more stores over the next few years. With the successful energy saving project in Randers, Ejvind expects ABC Lavpris and Nordic Green Solutions to work together to optimize the energy of several of ABC Lavpris’ stores.