Vorbasse Fritidscenter


From natural gas to geothermal and heat pumps

Previously, Vorbasse Fritidscenter was heated by six gas boilers with a total capacity of 290 kW. Today, the gas boilers have been replaced by two 84 kW geothermal heat pumps. The CO2 reduction is calculated at 143 tonnes.

»Billund Municipality, which runs Vorbasse Fritidscenter, has a desire to promote green energy initiatives. This is the reason why we have switched from natural gas to electric heat pumps based on geothermal heat,« says Henrik Langhoff, project manager in Billund Municipality.

»Heat pumps are a well-proven technology with a documented long life. The same applies to geothermal hoses,« he continues.

In addition to calculations of energy savings and subsidies for a conversion to heat pumps, Nordic Green Solutions has also helped the municipality to ensure that the selected heat pumps could cover the heat needs in the leisure center.

After a run-in period, the experience from Vorbasse Fritidscenter is that the self-regulating heat pumps run as they should.

Nordic Green Solutions has calculated an annual saving of 674,000 kWh when converting to heat pumps – including heat recovery from the leisure centre’s swimming pool.

»The collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions has been really good« says Henrik Langhoff, project manager in Billund Munichipality,which can rejoice that the conversion to heat pumps will be calculated to result in a CO2 reduction of 143 tonnes by the elimination of natural gas for heating.