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Conversion to heat pump and grant application for MARKhaven

MARKhaven, a greenhouse located north of Odense, supplies organic high-quality vegetables to COOP. Since 1998, they have been heating their greenhouses using natural gas.

The greenhouse prioritizes a cultivation method that combines minimal environmental impact with preserving good taste and relatively high yields.

For years, MARKhaven has been searching for a replacement for fossil fuels. In 2018, they set a goal to become fossil-free by 2025.


The project

The project aimed to identify an alternative heating solution for the greenhouses. In collaboration with MARKhaven, it was concluded that a heat pump represented the most effective solution. The project process included the following phases:

  • Decision Basis
    We initiated the project with a comprehensive screening of potential heat supply solutions, including economic calculations to ensure a solid decision basis.
  • Grant Application
    We managed the application process for Erhvervspuljen, enabling a maximum subsidy benefit for MARKhaven.
  • Dimensioning Basis
    A report was prepared specifying the basic requirements for the heat pump. This formed the basis for suppliers’ bids and the dimensioning of the system.
  • Collection of quotations
    After agreeing with MARKhaven on the system requirements,, we collected quotations from relevant suppliers.
    In fact they got a subsidy covering 38% of their total investment
  • Evaluation of quotations
    Based on compliance with the dimensioning basis, we presented our recommendations to MARKhaven regarding the choice of supplier.
  • Project management
    We acted as project manager during the establishment, testing, and commissioning of the system, ensuring the optimal result through collaboration with suppliers and holding status meetings.
  • Handover procedure
    After the completion of the project, the installed heat pump system was evaluated to ensure it met the specified requirements outlined in the dimensioning basis.


We have asked Klaus Søgaard some questions regarding the choice of NGS as a partner:

MARKhaven – Klaus Søgaard

What set us apart from others?
“NGS was very specific and solution-oriented. We quickly found common ground and clarified objectives for the process.”

How would you describe the collaboration with NGS?
“It was the personal contact that never wavered from our side. We were never in doubt about where the loyalty lay. Especially in the initial phase, where the technical solution and selection of suppliers took place, the guidance was crucial. There was always the same contact person, Esben Okkels Larsen, who undertook the task with both competence and diligence.”

The result

MARKhaven has just initiated the first heating season with their new heat pump. Klaus Søgaard reports:

“It’s running well and steadily, so it looks reasonable. The price of electricity has been favorable so far, but it’s my first entry into the spot market, and I can feel the tension of not knowing our energy price, especially since it means so much for the company’s operations. I have no doubt that the heat pump is the right investment for us and that it can contribute to even more sustainable operation of our business.

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Esben Okkels Larsen
Engineering Manager – Heat Pump & Solar