KSN Industri


Energy optimization of production buildings

Energy optimization of heating, lighting and climate screen in production buildings resulted in both financial and operational gains for KSN Industri. When KSN Industri took over their newly purchased production buildings in Bjerringbro, there was no doubt that the buildings should be energy optimized. As a developer, designer, installer and service partner on specially designed machines, KSN Industri had a clear idea of the technical solutions they wanted implemented in the energy optimization project. With Nordic Green Solutions as a sparring partner, the potential for energy savings and subsidies for this was clarified.

»Through our subsidiary, DS Energy, we already knew about Nordic Green Solutions when we contacted them about energy optimization of our production buildings.

Nordic Green Solutions conducted a targeted screening, which created an overview of the savings and subsidy opportunities, «says Henrik Larsen, owner and CEO of KSN Industri.

Nordic Green Solutions conducted a targeted screening, which created an overview of the savings and grant opportunities.

Henrik Larsen, owner and CEO KSN Industri

Heating of the buildings was one of the major focus points in the energy optimization project, as the buildings were overheated by oil-fired units at e.g. the ventilation system, where the outer pipes of the ventilation system were not insulated.

Instead of continuing to use the ventilation system for heating the buildings, KSN Industri has established radiant heating in all production halls, where each hall has its own heating system and the natural gas burners are mounted on the outside of the buildings.

Radiant heat was the right choice for us. We have the opportunity to quickly regulate the temperature in our production buildings. Eg. the gas for the radiant heat in the individual hall is switched off if a door is opened. In addition, the technology for radiant heat fills almost nothing, while the buildings are heated much more efficiently than before, where the air that was heated rose towards the ceiling. We can already see that our heat consumption has been significantly reduced.

Henrik Larsen.

The ventilation system in the buildings has been maintained and energy optimized, so that the fan is now demand-regulated and controlled by pressure in the suction string. At the same time, the outer pipes of the ventilation system have been insulated to minimize heat loss.

In addition to energy optimization of the heating system, KSN Industri has also achieved savings by streamlining the buildings’ climate screen and lighting. Several of the gates in the production buildings have been replaced with new gates, while the other gates have been closed. The lighting has been changed to sensor-controlled LED and installed so that all light goes out when the alarm in the buildings is turned on, which is both time and energy saving.