Frederiksberg Forsyning


Requirements for secure energy savings

Frederiksberg Forsyning A / S must deliver 25 GWh of documented energy savings every year. An agreement with Nordic Green Solutions ensures a very large part of the savings.

At Frederiksberg Forsyning A/S is energy consultant Kristian Veje Opsann the daily responsible for the utility company each year can deliver energy savings equivalent to 25 GWh.

»The task of obtaining the savings is such a big task that it cannot be solved by a single employee. Therefore, we have entered into agreements with a number of players in the energy market, which help us to obtain the necessary savings. Nordic Green Solutions is the partner that delivers the most savings to us,« says Kristian Veje Opsann.

»We depend on partners who guarantee a certain amount of savings, and the savings must be documented and delivered to us in a way that makes things easy to control and quality assured before we pay out the grants.,« says Kristian Veje Opsann.

The documentation for savings can vary greatly from player to player according to his experience. But he highlights Nordic Green Solutions’ documentation as being easy, standardized and clear to handle.

»The time factor is very important to us. The less time we have to spend on each case, the better. Therefore, it is very important that the documentation we receive is processed quickly, and the requirements from Nordic Green Solutions live up to that requirement. We are very satisfied with the collaboration, which is why they are our largest supplier of energy savings. If issues arise along the way, they are always resolved in a good dialogue,,« says Kristian Veje Opsann.

He also emphasizes that energy saving is an industry that requires you to keep your finger on the pulse all the time.

»There are many rules to know and know how to act in relation to, and here Nordic Green Solutions is always well inside things, so we have a guarantee that everything has taken place in accordance with the current requirements in the area,« says Kristian Veje Opsann.