Farmer Jens Bach Olesen


Easier everyday life with a new heat pump.

A new heat pump has made everyday life much easier for farmer Jens Bach Olesen, who has replaced an old straw boiler for more efficient heating.

»Our old straw boiler was worn out, so we had to find a new plant to heat the farm.

We considered both pellet stoves and geothermal heating, but Nordic Green Solutions convinced us that a heat pump would be the best solution, and we have not regretted that decision,« says Jens Bach Olesen.

Today, the heating of the farmhouse is done with the new air-to-water heat pump, which supplies heat for underfloor heating and radiators in the home – in addition to the workshop and garage. A new oil boiler is ready if the heat pump can not meet the need on the coldest winter days, but has not yet been in use, as the heat pump has done the job. After the heat pump has been installed, Jens Bach Olesen has not had any work with it.

»Today we can go on holiday without having to think about the need for straw on the furnace. The heat pump completely fits itself,« he continues.

»We have had a perfect collaboration with Nordic Green Solutions and been well informed along the way. I have recommended my farming colleagues to use Nordic Green Solutions. There are many rules that we do not have control over ourselves. So we are 100 percent satisfied with the cooperation,« says Jens Bach Olesen