Titan Wind


Replacing gas boilers can pay off quickly.

Two large, old gas boilers have been replaced with four new, smaller gas boilers at Titan Wind. It has provided great energy savings and a very short payback time.

Titan Wind manufactures towers for wind turbines and has for many years used gas boilers for both space heating and hot water heating.

But gradually the gas boilers had become very old and inefficient.

»We could see our gas bill getting bigger and bigger. The oldest of the gas boilers dates back to 1969 and the other was from the 1980s, so in the end they were very worn and not very efficient compared to what new boilers can provide,« says Erling Mathiasen, Maintenance & HSE Manager at Titan Wind.

After exploring alternatives such as district heating and solar heating, Titan Wind decided to invest in new efficient gas boilers. The solution was four smaller gas boilers, which results in an annual saving of approx. DKK 350,000 on the costs of natural gas, which corresponds to approximately one third of the investment in the new boilers and provides a payback period of just over two years.

»Nordic Green Solutions has helped us with both the technical solution and with obtaining a financial subsidy for the investment by selling the large energy savings we have received,« says Erling Mathiasen.
At the same time, the four new gas boilers displace approx. 150 tons of CO2 pr. years, so the heat production at Titan Wind has become much greener.

»We are pleased to say that we emit less CO2, and we have also got some new and very reliable gas boilers. In fact, the temperature from the boilers is so low that we can even shut down our old chimney. We can monitor the boilers online via our CTS program, which gives alarms if something happens that we need to be aware of. So there have been several gains with the new boilers,« says Erling Mathiasen.

»Nordic Green Solutions is extremely competent, and this has made the project with the new boilers very easy for us. We might have run the project ourselves, but it would have taken way too much time compared to our other, daily tasks. Nordic Green Solutions has been a good sparring partner throughout, and we would like to use them again next time we start an energy project,« says Erling Mathiasen, Maintenance & HSE Manager at Titan Wind