Ribe Fjernvarme



Easy administration of energy savings

Ribe Fjernvarme must realize 2,600 MWh savings annually, and this is done through an agreement with Nordic Green Solutions and the online system Energy Economy, which eases the administrative burden considerably.

»The most common way to achieve energy savings is by converting a natural gas customer to district heating. But it is not enough for us to achieve the overall savings target. That is why we have entered into an agreement with Nordic Green Solutions, which ensures that we reach the annual savings target. Nordic Green Solutions has guaranteed us that,« says Richard Boisen, operations manager at Ribe Fjernvarme.

Due to the latest energy saving agreement from 2016, the requirement for documentation, audits and quality control of energy savings has been significantly tightened, and this places increased demands on, among others, Ribe Fjernvarme. In fact, the requirements have been tightened so much that Ribe Fjernvarme would need extra manpower to document and audit all the 2,600 MWh that they have to deliver by 2020.

»If we had not entered into the agreement with Nordic Green Solutions and did not have access to the energiØkonomi-system, we would have to hire an employee for the task. Instead, we have decided that the task should be outsourced, and we have so far only good experiences with that,« says Richard Boisen.

The installers who are approved for district heating conversions with natural gas customers report themselves to the energiØkonomi-system. The installer can among other use the system to make the necessary calculations for the customers.

»If the customer decides on a conversion, the installer can enter all the necessary documentation into the system, which both we and Nordic Green Solutions have access to. We make a pre-approval, and Nordic Green Solutions is responsible for quality assurance and the other administrative process, so in the end we only have to approve and pay the energy subsidy. It is a great relief for us,« says Richard Boisen.

In addition, there are a number of energy saving projects that Nordic Green Solutions is implementing on behalf of Ribe Fjernvarme. These cases are handled completely by Nordic Green Solutions.

»The only thing we have to do with these cases is that we pay out the energy subsidy. But we can always go into the system and see all the specific cases that Nordic Green Solutions performs on our behalf, so we have access to the necessary documentation,« says Richard Boisen.

»We have researched the market, and Nordic Green Solutions has the quality and capacity we demand. Nordic Green Solutions has guaranteed that all cases follow the latest requirements, and everything we have seen so far has been in order,« says Richard Boisen.