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Climate account for LH Hockerup A/S

LH Hockerup A/S is a family-owned demolition company with 50 years of experience in the industry. Based in Roskilde, the company operates nationwide.

Their core value is “serious demolition,” reflecting their dedication and professionalism.

Prioritizing safety and sustainability is fundamental, and they consistently comply with Danish legislation and specific guidelines for environmental remediation and demolition. LH Hockerup A/S has achieved three core ISO certifications in quality, management, and the environment. Additionally, they strive to implement more green initiatives as part of their commitment to sustainability.

LH Hockerup

The project

We have assisted LH Hockerup A/S in preparing their climate account.

Annually, the construction industry generates over 5 million tons of waste, equivalent to more than 35% of Denmark’s total waste volume. This makes construction the primary source of waste in Denmark. Moreover, new construction and the production of building materials constitute one of the world’s most significant contributors to climate change.

Why did LH Hockerup A/S choose NGS?

Through our collaboration with Jyske Finans, LH Hockerup A/S was contacted and encouraged to hold a joint meeting to gain more insight into what we could offer. Our experienced advisor, Jens Thomsen, participated in the meeting and presented LH Hockerup A/S with our offer while providing recommendations on how the company could further engage in the green transition.

“Jens specifically discussed the benefits of a climate account, including legal requirements, while also providing a brief introduction to ESG reporting. Jens’ way of communicating was both down-to-earth and enlightening, giving us a good understanding of the parts of reporting that can seem complicated and very cumbersome. Jens’ approach and recommendation to take one step at a time were particularly appealing to us, as the task of both climate accounting and ESG reporting can initially seem overwhelming. We had no doubts – it was NGS and Jens we wanted to collaborate with.

We also had initial meetings with other companies, but did not find their guidance and assistance aligned with what we were looking for.

NGS and Jens could explain climate accounting and ESG reporting briefly and precisely. The tasks that previously seemed daunting suddenly felt manageable. Additionally, Jens added a positive energy, which we highly value in our partnership with collaborators. He left us with determination and a desire to take the next step.”

Rebekka Stender-Ilsøe, Projectcoordinator|Sustainability, LH Hockerup

The result

Climate accounting marks the beginning of the journey towards a greener transition. LH Hockerup A/S has acquired concrete tools and identified areas where climate initiatives can be easily implemented. Over time, not only visible results on the overall climate footprint are expected, but also an economic gain as a result of these initiatives.


“We have had a good and efficient collaboration with our two contacts, Jens Thomsen and Oliver Grewal. Throughout the process, they have been available to us, answered all our questions, and guided us through the entire project.

During our collaboration, NGS has expanded our awareness regarding our energy and CO2 emissions.

Throughout the process and collaboration, it has been very rewarding for us to have all the small and large areas highlighted where we could advantageously focus on achieving a green optimization.

This climate report has only fueled our desire for new initiatives. We have both large and small initiatives in the pipeline, and we are already looking forward to the next climate report and our upcoming ESG reporting, where the effects of our initiatives are expected to be evident.”

Rebekka Stender-Ilsøe, Projectcoordinator|Sustainability, LH Hockerup

Do you need help preparing a climate account?

The process of creating a climate account can seem complex. If you, like LH Hockerup A/S, are seeking guidance to achieve your company’s goals in climate accounting, ESG and the green agenda, we are ready to assist. Call us, and we can guide you from the beginning to ensure you successfully reach your goals!

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Jens Thomsen
Consultant – Sustainability Solutions