New extraction system with heat recovery provides great benefits

The loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio has established a new chip extraction and painting system that uses heat recovery, so that the used indoor air heats the fresh but cooler outdoor air.

In connection with Dynaudio moving its production of loudspeaker cabinets to Skanderborg, a new chip extraction system and extraction from painting systems were established.

The production at Dynaudio requires a continuous operation of the plants, as the production runs up to 70 hours per week. Thus, the potential for energy savings was great.

»We were faced with the possibility of receiving a large subsidy, as there were significant savings by establishing a new energy-optimized plant. Nordic Green Solutions has calculated the savings potential and subsidy options by choosing an energy-optimized plant rather than a plant of today’s standard. The calculation was so favorable that we decided to establish a completely new extraction system, «says Stine Leander Lund, project manager at Dynaudio.

When the hot air in the new system is sucked out of the building, the air is sent past a cross-flow exchanger, which heats up the cooler outdoor air before it is sent into the building. The process has an efficiency of 70-80 percent.

»Today, we only use about a third of the electricity consumption at the new factory in Skanderborg compared to the previous production in Vejle – but have the same production capacity.«

»This was our second project with Nordic Green Solutions as a partner, and the whole process has been very painless in relation to our collaboration. We are very pleased with their screening concept, where we receive a report indicating the savings potential and the size of the grant. It is a good basis to decide on, and so far their calculations have held true,« says Morten Falk Larsen, Production Engineer at Dynaudio.