Double-digit million investment in a greener future

With a desire to achieve a greener profile, Indulak is now initiating a number of projects that will reduce their C02 emissions by 15 per cent.

Indulak is Denmark’s oldest company within industrial surface treatment of aluminum items and a current example of a company that has sought advice from Nordic Green Solutions with a view to energy optimizing their business for the benefit of both the economy and the climate.

– Of course, we follow what is happening around us, and we anticipated that in the future we would be required to do sustainability, says Peter Lynge Jensen, director at Indulak, about their decision to optimize energy.

A review of Indulak’s energy consumption shows that 65 per cent. of their CO2 emissions take place in connection with production, ie. washing, drying, varnishing and curing of the items. Of this, electricity consumption accounts for one third, while natural gas accounts for two thirds of production’s CO2 emissions. The remaining 35 per cent. comes from the materials used such as powders for painting and chemical products – an area that can be difficult to do quite a lot for a company like Indulak.

– We can of course try to put pressure on the suppliers, but mainly we surface treat windows and doors according to some standards, where we are very locked in quality, says Peter Lynge Jensen.

Nordic Green Solutions has selected four specific focus areas that can give Indulak a total CO2 saving of 152 tonnes per year. The largest saving of as much as 80.5 tonnes per years is achieved through heat recovery, where you can utilize surplus energy internally in production. By simultaneously investing in a heat pump, Indulak is expected to be able to reduce their CO2 emissions by a further 18 tonnes per year. years, while a replacement of the company’s gas boiler will result in annual CO2 reduction of 47.5 tons.

The lighting at Indulak is the fourth and final concrete focus area.

Here, the company can achieve a saving of 6 tons of CO2 per year by converting to LED lighting and supplementing with light control that can regulate the light according to activity.

Indulak is ready to invest in a greener future and expects to be able to implement the solutions proposed by Nordic Green Solutions over the next 3 years.

– Things have now been mapped, and we are in the process of optimizing, concludes Peter Lynge Jensen.