Hydrema Produktion


Background for the project

Hydrema Produktion A/S is a part of the concern Hydrema Group A/S, which develops, produces and markets entrepreneur machines. At the factory in Støvring, where Hydrema Produktion A/S is located, an old non-condensing gasboiler delivered heating to the company. Due to the age of the boiler and its inefficiency, Hydrema Produktion A / S wanted to optimize the energy supply of the supply system.

”We experienced a good chemistry with the consultants from NGS, who were engaged in the project. They made sure to get us well through all the phases of the application process for subsidy from Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje. We are well satisfied with the project and have therefore also chosen to continue the collaboration with NGS on other energy saving projects.

– Jørgen Skovlund, teamleder technical department, Hydrema Produktion A/S

The project

After calculations and offers from suppliers, the right solution was found for Hydrema Produktion A / S which was to replace the non-condensing gas boiler from the 1980s with two new, condensing gas boilers. The two new gas boilers are cascaded to hit the optimal operating point as needed

With the two new gas boilers, Hydrema Produktion A / S has achieved greater operational reliability and at the same time reduced energy consumption by 209,446 kWh annually. The energy savings in themselves provide economic benefits, but it also reduces the factory’s annual CO2 emissions by 42.7 tonnes.

In relation to the project, Nordic Green Solutions handled the process with applying for subsidy from Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje. Hence Hydrema Produktion A/S managed to get 30% of their investment covered, for the new gasboilers, with money from Erhvervspuljen, this made the energyoptimization a good business case.

The projects results

  • Two new, energy-efficient gas boilers
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Reduced annual energy consumption by 209,446 kWh
  • Reduced annual CO2 emissions by 42.7 tons.
  • Grant from the Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje covering 30% of the investment