Aabenraa Frysehus


Background for the project

Aabenraa Frysehus have existed since 1969 and offers among other things freezing, freezer and cold storage, as well as repackaging of frozen and refrigerated goods.

Refrigeration and freezing processes are energyintensive but at Aabenraa Frysehus an old capacitor without an automatic venting system resulted in an uunnecessarily high electricity consumption for the compressors.

”The new capacitor with automatic venting have improved our operations and reduced the energyconsumption. We are happy with the solution and had a good cooperation with Nordic Green Solutions, which made sure to make the investment into a good business case, with subsidy from Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje.”

Bent Bøg, CEO, Aabenraa Frysehus A/S

The project

As the old capacitor in Aabenraa Frysehus was without automatic venting, the capacitor pressure would increase when the operations increased.

The condenser pressure was 10 bar in winter and 14 bar in summer, which corresponds to resp. 28 ° C and 38 ° C. The average condensation temperature was 35 ° C. Due to the high capacitor pressure, the electricity consumption of the compressors was unnecessarily high.

Based on calculations and offers from suppliers, Aabenraa Frysehus chose to replace the condenser with a new and larger model, which can keep the condenser pressure down by means of automatic venting. In addition, wet temperature control was installed, which regulates the dew point temperature, as well as frequency control of the fan speed.

The energysaving measures meant that Aabenraa Frysehus have been able to reduce their energyconsumption by 329.023 kWh annually.

Related to the energysaving-project, Nordic Green Solutions handled the calculations of the energysavings and applied for subsidy from Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje.

The projects results

  • Reduced energyconsumption by 329.023 kWh yearly
  • REduced CO2-discharge by 3,9 tons yearly
  • Subsidy from Energistyrelsens Erhvervspulje on 13% of the investment