Ancillary Services

Did you know that your company can get paid for being available with flexibility to the electricity grid? It simply requires that your company has facilities where the electricity consumption can be adjusted in periods. In this way, your company can help ensure balance in the electricity grid if there is a sudden outage – or consumption exceeds production.

What are ancillary services?

System operators in the electricity market are tasked with ensuring stable and safe electricity grid operation. As an increasing proportion of our electricity production in Denmark comes from renewable energy sources such as the sun and water, which are dependent on weather conditions, a balance between electricity production and consumption can be difficult to hold at times. The solution to this is ancillary services.

Ancillary services cover several services that the system operators buy to maintain the frequency and balance in the electricity grid. Some of the ancillary services come from companies that have assessed that they can periodically adjust the electricity consumption at selected facilities. This type of system performance typically falls into a category called frequency reserves.

Frequency reserves – Can your company deliver that?

The primary reserve in the power grid comes from frequency regulation – also called primary regulation. When our electrical system is under load, it finds it difficult to maintain the 50 Hz frequency, which is the normal current in our electrical outlets. If this happens, the system operators activate reserves from consumption units that are available for frequency regulation.

The consumption units can be found i.e., in companies that have systems that can be continuously and automatically regulated up and down in power. It can, for example, be installations such as heat pumps, electric boilers, cooling systems or ventilation.

If you want an insight into whether your company can deliver ancillary services, you can start by taking Energinet’s test here.

Why deliver ancillary services?

1. Receive an extra income

Your company receives an additional income for being available with ancillary services as well as for the effect delivered if your reserves are activated. It all takes place online and at NGS we take care of the actual transaction of system services, so you just have to concentrate on your operations.

2. Contribute to the green transition

By making your company’s flexible electricity consumption available to the electricity grid, you lower the load on our infrastructure and at the same time contribute to the green transition.

3. Get real-time monitoring of consumption patterns

Data is collected on your company’s electricity consumption when you contribute with system flexibility. This data can be used to detect irregularities and optimize operations.

How does it work if you want to provide ancillary services?

Pre-project and installation

If you are considering providing ancillary services, we start by reviewing your company. Here we look at facilities that could have the potential to contribute to flexible electricity consumption and have a chat about them. Then one of our advisers will verify whether the facility will be able to enter into an agreement on system flexibility. For you to have a solid decision-making basis, we also prepare a pre-project. Here you will receive a price estimate for getting the necessary equipment installed on the facility as well as an estimated income from being available with the flexibility to the power grid.

Agreement with NGS

At Nordic Green Solutions, we offer companies to take care of your company’s trade-in system services. We use a cloud-based SaaS solution, which is a tool for aggregating, managing and optimizing flexible energy resources. Via the solution, we can regulate the flexible units in your company, so that you can offer energienet to buy your ancillary services.

When the need for frequency regulation arises, a direct signal is sent to the consumption unit, which regulates the unit’s frequency within the market in which you participate.

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