Energy optimisation

Is your current energy consumption levels great for the climate and your business’s economy? Maybe, maybe not.

Often, it does not cost more to be green. You do not need to start with the most extensive and most complex projects. You can start small. To us, it does not matter. The only thing that matters for us is your attitude.

Energy optimisation projects can lower your current energy consumption levels and save you a lot of money in the long run. Sounds good? It sure is.

How does lowering your energy consumption benefit your company?

A reduced climate footprint

We are sure that you and your company are aware of the UN sustainable development goals and government legislation within the field. Companies worldwide are already on a journey to become more and more sustainable. Here, energy-saving projects are essential for all of us to reduce our climate footprint. Starting today.

A better and greener profile

It is not only you. Your customers, partners and suppliers are all aware of how you go about sustainability. Being green is responsible. And it strengthens your competitiveness in a crowded market. Energy optimisation is a great way to start your journey.

How to implement energy-saving projects?

Map energy consumption

Start by getting a complete overview of your company’s energy consumption, from buildings to ventilation and transportation.

Identify initiatives

Focus on initiatives that make a difference to your company, people and the planet.

Launch project(s)

Green initiatives need to include employees and their behavior. Without inclusion, it is difficult to succeed.

Implement Energy management
Measure and evaluate

Data is essential for green initiatives. By collecting and analyzing data, you can document and assess how your organization is doing.


Most companies do well at telling the world about their green initiatives. But quite a few companies stay completely quiet about it—even when they achieve superb results for themselves, people, and the planet. It should not be like that. Tell the world.

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Henning Mejlby Christensen
Sustainability advisor, marine engineer

Expert consulting in several industries

As technical advisers, we make sure you get the advice you need to solve the right problem. We have most likely helped companies within your industry on their path from green to greener.


Energy savings in the industry? Yes, please. Although the industry is characterized by energy-intensive processes, production equipment and plants, you can launch and maintain green initiatives that benefit the environment and the bottom line. No reason to wait for others to start; get started today.


Does your farm utilize too much energy? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps you are not aware of your energy consumption levels. By continuously keeping track of energy consumption, you can implement energy-saving measures when it makes the most sense for you—and you can probably save a ton of money while doing so.


It is not without cost to be in the horticulture industry—especially not when it comes to energy consumption levels. There might be a lot of small initiatives that you are not doing today that can save you a lot of money tomorrow.


Energy optimisation within the maritime area? Yes, of course. Maybe it is time to take a look at energy consumption? Yes, of course.



Energy optimization in the public sector also makes sense. Reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the big picture. The only thing you do not have to do is not. Show the others how to do it.