Energy control

Energy costs play a part in operations budgets no matter what. But even though they are always present, most companies do not know their energy consumption and standby losses. This is, however, easy to solve.

Once you know how much energy your company emits, it is easier to save on your expenses and at the same time do something important for our environment. It sounds easy. It is. We will get you started and get you going. 

Your company gets a clear and detailed overview of your consumption with energy control. An online system collects data from energy meters, and you can monitor data at all times. The system sends consumption reports and notifications in case of overconsumption, which allows you to use data in your pursuit of making your company more energy efficient.

Four reasons getting started with energy control:

  • You will have a solid foundation of data for targeted, efficient, and ongoing optimization
  • You will have an improved operations economy with energy savings that increase your competitive advantage
  • You will get concrete results and documentation of your efforts that strengthen your green profile
  • You will receive notifications of sudden fluctuations in your energy consumption that can prevent accidents, damage, and additional costs

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Rasmus Haahr
Director Special Projects

Rasmus Haahr

Measure your energy

First, you need to install measuring equipment for energy monitoring. The measuring equipment gathers data wirelessly from your consumption areas and is forwarded to an online system that you can always access and monitor.

We measure:

  • Heat 
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Moist
  • Compressed air 
  • Temperature

How to get started

An energy control system only makes sense to your business if you have the time and resources required for analyzing energy data —and then launch green initiatives. We make it easy to:

  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Set up alarms and benchmarks
  • Analyze energy data
  • Convert knowledge of consumption to actions
  • Document energy savings

Once you have the complete overview, it is easier for you to make the right green decisions that save you energy and improve your bottom line.