It must make sense to go green. When sustainability cannot be seen on the bottom line, the meaning of the motif disappears. For us, it’s not about selling green solutions. It’s about creating green businesses with green settings.


No one can make a difference alone. You expect something from us, we expect something from you. We have to expect something from each other. It does not matter if we are colleagues, if you are a customer or if we are procured consultants. Working towards the same goal must always be like working together.


Passion is the fuel in the engine that drives us i everyday life. It is the reason why we never compromise on finding the right solution. The truth is, we cannot help it. We are passionate about putting our skills into play, so that we can contribute to climate neutrality.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Well-thought-out savagery is our unique trait and advantage. We thrive in the notion of the insoluble. Sometimes it has to be hard before it can get good. But before it gets really good, we bring our expertise, knowledge and wildness into play – often you do not have to ask at all.